What is the South Pacific Engineers Association (SPEA)?

The SPEA is an association of the bodies which represent engineers within countries in the Pacific Island Forum geographical region. In some countries, there is a formal body, and that body is regarded as the national chapter of SPEA. In other countries there are too few engineers to form a formal body, so the national chapter is informally constituted.

Each national chapter has a representative on the Council of SPEA, and the Council elects a President of the Association. The Council meets at least twice per year. The costs of doing so are met by national chapter subscriptions. At each meeting of the Council a forward-looking work programme is developed.

Engineering New Zealand provides both financial and technical support to SPEA, although it is not a member and does not have a representative on the Council. Engineers Australia is also supportive of SPEA.

What does SPEA do?

The object of SPEA is to support the development of engineering and engineering standards in the South Pacific region through actions including but not limited to:

  • informing engineers and their wider stakeholders within the region on
    important national and international developments and issues affecting engineering;
  • contributing to South Pacific engineering knowledge development and
  • supporting the identification, codification and harmonisation of
    standards to improve engineering practice within the region;
  • development of competence assessment and registration systems, both in
    nations and regionally, towards the ultimate goal that regional competence registers will receive wider international recognition;
  • creating a strong representational voice for engineering in the
    region, including influencing governments and the Pacific Islands Forum on matters related to engineering, the environment, and economic development;
  • raising the profile of engineering in communities within the region;
  • building engineering education within the region towards the ultimate
    goal of regional engineering qualifications receiving wider international recognition;
  • raising the technical capacity of engineering-related institutions;
  • representing the region's engineers in the global context; and
  • creating a network that supports professional development amongst
    engineers and engineering organisations in the region by regular communication.

SPEA is supported by Engineering New Zealand and by Engineers Australia


Download the SPEA Information Brochure (pdf)

SPEA gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of Fletcher Construction to enable the Council of SPEA to meet face to face during 2012.